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About VMUG Wiki

The VMUG Wiki was founded on April 21, 2015 by Mike Laverick. The Wiki was born as an attempt to create an online encyclopedia that is maintained by the VMware Community (vCommunity) and seeded with content from those who have been recognized with high-quality content. We welcome contributions from all people regardless of experience.

The intention of VMUG Wiki is to be a platform for the (vCommunity) for the creation and maintenance of product information concerning all VMware Technologies, independent of the company - and independent of interference by vendors who may wish to co-opt it for the promotion their products. While we welcome coverage of complementary technologies and even competing ones, the content should remain technical and should assume the customer has already bought the technology – therefore there is nothing to sell to them.

VMUG Wiki Foundation

The VMUG Wiki foundation has been established to ensure the long-term direction of the VMUG Wiki. The governing body remains one that is wholly not for profit and funded by voluntary donations. The co-founders were selected for their outstanding contributions in the last 10 years and unimpeachable track record for integrity.

The founders are:

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