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Support Desk

The support desk will help you navigate through the Wiki whether you are a new user or an experienced user.

Editing an Article

Creating an Article

My VMUG Wiki Profile

Updating your profile allows you to engage with your peers easier and allows you to identify yourself in the community. To update your profile, start by logging into the Wiki. Once you are logged in, you should see a button called MY PREFERENCES at the top of your screen. Click on that button to customize your profile. You have a variety of sections you can customize your VMUG Wiki experience:

User Profile

This section will allow you customize basic information and gives the options to control how you wish to communicate with other members. You will notice an E-mail Options section. The default email address is not linked to your account in any way and will remain as such unless you choose to edit your email address. You are under no obligation to change your email address in the E-mail Options section. If you do end up changing your email address and begin receiving spam or marketing messages, please email right away.


Because of the way the Wiki was designed, changing your skin will impact the experience you have when interacting with the Wiki. It is VMUG's recommendation you do not change your skin.

Date and Time

In this section, members can adjust the date format and specify the time zone for the individual profile. The current Wiki default is (America/Chicago)

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